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but…how do i rearrange my dorm room?! 1am thoughts. but really. how. 

my life is composed of awkward moments and poor timing. oh well. embrace it. 

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had a weird emotional/mental breakdown today. those haven’t happened in so long that it was, for lack of better words, weird. i just think in the midst of being stressed out for the upcoming year of dap and packing and thinking about moving in and having friends leave and just stuff.. i just couldn’t take it anymore. my lid just blew off. but i think in retrospect, it’s for the better. better now than later on when i’m in even more chaos. much needed one. much needed workout too. nothing a little workout and God can’t fix, ya know what i’m sayin’? 

Stressed beyond belief. Cut me a break.

Bri moved in today and snapped us pics of the suite. So excitedddd 😁😁 can’t wait to move in on Sunday and see the rest of the girls. Woohoo!

So not ready for dap to kick my butt for the next 2 semesters. To be honest, I’m scared as frick. It’s going to be so hard. Frick…

God has blessed me with so many experiences, challenges, successes, and relationships with some of the greatest people this past year. It’s incredible to look back and see that I was just going into my freshman year of college this time last year. 

just taking a minute to realize that i’m at that point in my life where i’ll drink a hot latte on a hot summer day. intelligentsia makes me feel a certain kind of way. or maybe that’s just my coffee addiction speaking? haha. 

leaving to go back to school in 5 days…where i will no longer be able to support my overly expensive palate. 

So excited to get back to the LU ultimate frisbee grind!! Let’s make it a great year! Super pumped to be ordering team frisbees and more team gear (tourney shorts, jackets, etc.)

Moving in this time next week. Can’t even wrap my head around it just yet

Beyond stressed for school and it hasn’t even started yet

Toms & Tevas 🙌

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