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Me (located in Iceland) and my friend (located in New Zealand) made the biggest sandwich of all time.


Me (located in Iceland) and my friend (located in New Zealand) made the biggest sandwich of all time.

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Eyebrows so strong they bench press 350

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the problem with modern “dating” is the fact that no one goes into it with intentions. when did dating turn into “seeing each other” “we have a thing” “we’re talking” … all of those will take your relationship nowhere. you’ll want it to go somewhere, but until someone makes dating you intentional, it won’t go anywhere. 

it’s not a problem if you “talk” to get to know each other. but your entire relationship should be that. find your intentions. you want to date a guy/girl, let them know. be bold. 

i wish i was at U of I right now… :((( 

i miss me some deav, ale, and jess. …even though i just FaceTimed with deav and ale earlier today. but…you know. i still miss ‘em. 


can’t wait until fall break!! 3 weeks until i get to go down there againnnn!! and then we have a tournament there the week after that. 


today was pretty stellar…up until this point. too much, too much for me to handle right now. it stresses me out and it shouldn’t even matter to me. gahhhh. this is a rough exchange. 

i’m about to pull out the bitch card. omg. please hold me back. plssss. 

Day in the life of me on a Monday. Wake up at 7:45 to shower. Or at 8:20 if I don’t…#scumlord. 4 classes back to back 9-1. Eat/study/finish lab stuff. Orgo lab 2-5. Go back to my room for the first time in 7 hours. Eat @ 5:45. Get dressed for ACS. Walk across campus. ACS 7-8:30. Eat again. 9:00 homework/study. Bed at 1:30 tonight.

Let me hibernate..

Awkward gaps Tuesday tomorrow.. Gotta finish my lab report and do prelab. Meh I have 3 hours

My liking of ACS is out of control.. And I can’t wait for beta beta beta. TriBetaaaaaa!!! #honorsbiologysociety

things can’t look up if you keep on looking down. 

sooooo! my best friend just got her bid into her top sorority house!! i’m so happy and excited for her! 

but then…it’s weird. i know where i stand when it comes to sororities. some can agree with me, but most do not. and throughout this process, i really tried to be encouraging when i talked to her. it was full of peaks and valleys, and i did what any good friend would try to do. so yeah.. 

i don’t know what it is with me and sororities. i feel like they’re just not my personality whatsoever. i honestly don’t care if other people do it, i’ll always support them. but the thing is, i could never see myself in one. i feel like it doesn’t mesh well with who i am and how i act. ya know? it kinda gives me a nauseating feeling for some odd reason that i can’t pinpoint.. 

idk, i guess it all boils down to how it doesn’t fit my personality. it’s not even the social stigma anymore. i think i just have a very acquired personality that can’t just accept so much stimuli. sure, i can get along with just about anyone. but i don’t think i could ever extend that out to a whole group of people through that kind of association. i’m a weird one. don’t mind me. 

but i love deav, and i’m super happy that she got her bid and that she’s extremely happy with it. it’s nice to see her so radiant. just brightens up my day. 

friendships are all about sacrifice. gotta pick your battles. 

It’s harder with no one to motivate me this late into the night. 😞 missing my study buddy like none other right now.

Being an in-season athlete, in 2 fellowships, and balancing 18 credits is a whole lot harder than I would have thought.. Not necessarily workload wise, either. Just time management.

Like today. I had no class, but went out to lunch. Got back at 3. Studied physics. Had practice 5-7. Went to take a quiz with someone in my theology class at 7:30. Finished that after 8. Had InterVarsity at 8…but I got there at 8:20ish. IV until 9:30. Went to the cstore on my way back. Got back around 10… Showered. And studied more physics and did orgo homework/studied. And now it is 1:44. Nowhere on my itinerary did I fit eating dinner..

But it’s time to sleep. Designating this weekend for lots of orgo and physics studying and online homework. So much for having fun, right?

And did I mention I start working soon? Yay.

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