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Lots of Minooka this weekend like whoa

So well-rounded with Minooka.. I feel as if I went to high school there.

caffeine does great things for my alertness…but not my attention. i just hope for this same level of energy (plus a bit more productivity) for tomorrow when i have to do a ton of readings.. 


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

i love U of I… i really do. this was such an awesome weekend and i’m glad that the good ol’ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was part of it. spent a great 3 days and 2 nights with the best company i could imagine. and overall, i’m just happy that i got to spend some time down there and spend time with deav, ale, and jess before school started getting crazy. fun, fun times though. and it was nice hanging out and getting to know steve and hunter more. 

saturday night at Joe’s was probably the most fun i’ve had this school year so far. dance floor, trippy strobe lights, fog, music. all great til someone had to throw a drink up.. so sticky! but charles.. lolol. 

oh! and Cracked. a breakfast food truck. i had a sloppy jose which was chorizo, hash brows, an egg, guac, and a pesto spread on a ciabatta roll. jess and i were so happy that we got food there while we were waiting in line at Joe’s. soooo good and so worth it! i’m gonna have to try and replicate it some time! 

but yeah! sweet time there as always. glad deav is having a bunch of fun. 

now.. time to power through some readings, post a current event, and maybe catch some sleep.. haha. but i’m super excited for ultimate practice tomorrow!!!! whoooo!! 

So excited to be going to U of I this weekend!!! Gonna have a nice getaway from school and just have fun with some friends. It’s gonna be a good time!! I just have so much more fun when I’m out there…well, it’s more like a different kind of fun. I have fun here but it’s more like a carefree kind of fun there. And it’s a long weekend. Ahhh so nice :)))) I’m excited to see everyone ☺️☺️☺️

I love it when people bring out the best in you and remind you why you do the things you love.

I haven’t read thought catalog in at least 4 days. I’m that busy.. Darn orgo.

People that want you in their lives, too, will always make time for you. Keep those people near and dear to you.

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It’s such an incredible feeling to just talk to your best friend after a long day. Blessed with some great people in my life! Can’t wait to see her this weekend!! I guess Kent will be there too…and lots of other people. Aw snap.

Honestly, I think my Mondays and Tuesdays will certainly be rough.. Nothing I can’t handle, but Monday is class 9-1 and orgo lab 2-5. Tuesday is class at 9 and 11, then physics lab 2-4. So longggg days. Hopefully humpday is a good point of the week!

Just needed to get that out of my system. 

Not alone…but kinda lonely

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Quick nap after my longest school day of the week. Roommates left for Zumba and Gail is in her night class…so I have the whole section to myself right now. Tbh, I’m currently typing this on the toilet…. Lolol. Mondays will certainly be rough. But tomorrow I have a break from 10-11 and then from 12-2. Awkward gap Tuesday.

First day of college classes without my best friend.. Oh, this is different. And I don’t have class until 9 but I can’t sleep :(

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