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In 9 hours! Can’t wait to see them with Deav and Ale! 😁

I love my team. That’s all.

Peace, love, disc in :)

this is a tad late… but! better late than never?

i had such an awesome birthday this past week. like whoa. it was just flawless. let’s go on a little hour-by-hour review. 

midnight - deav literally sprints out of my room at 11:57 and comes back with my midnight birthday present which consisted of all of my favorite things and a really awesome, heartfelt card :) 

1-4am - studying for our chem exam that was at 9am that morning.. and finishing up our papers for our writing class…that were also due at noon. and reading/taking notes for communications because we had a quiz. 

4am - we walked around our whole dorm building looking for the easter eggs that our peer ministers put around the building.. they were intended for monday morning.. but we kinda found just about all of them. yolo. and now i have like 25 easter eggs in my dorm room. again, yolo. 

5am - getting trippy with chemistry.. cue birthday shot. we should probably go to bed..

6am - reads card before going to bed.

8am - i wake up after a 2 hour nap and shower

9am - chemistry exam. grosssss. 

10am - 10am bio is cancel, whoo! time to get breakfast and finish our papers and go to library to print them.

11-4 - 2 classes, lunch, bio lab. dissectionnnn. 

3:30-4:30pm - get ready for whatever events were happening that night. 

4:30pm - got kidnapped by deav and got kicked out of my room… 

so anyways.. everything leading up to 4:30 was just EXTREMELY stressful. it literally felt like a whole weeks’ worth of work was dumped on one day. but we made it through alive! 

so i got blindfolded in deav’s car and she just drove off. like wut.. but of course, i trust her. the blindfold started giving me a headache, so i took it off but my eyes couldn’t adjust to light for another 20 minutes. it wasn’t even bright out either. so we’re driving into the city and she tells me to open my present which was on the back seat. and inside? BULLS TICKETS!! i was extremelyyyyy happy and super surprised! it was literally the best birthday present ever and i’m glad i got to spend my birthday with such an amazing friend. it is definitely something that i’ll remember forever. :) 

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Celebrated my birthday in the best way I could have ever imagined. A special thank you goes out to Deaven for planning out such a great night and for making my birthday a memorable 24 hours! :) @deavhudson #chicagobulls

Celebrated my birthday in the best way I could have ever imagined. A special thank you goes out to Deaven for planning out such a great night and for making my birthday a memorable 24 hours! :) @deavhudson #chicagobulls

Deaven is seriously the best. I wouldn’t want to be celebrating my birthday with anyone else. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime this year :)

Not only does she make plans for tomorrow, she gave me a midnight birthday present of all my favorite things. The thoughts go a long way!

I’m glad I met Deav this year. I really can’t imagine it without her. I can, without a doubt in my mind, say that she’s one of those friends that I’ll have for…five ever :)

She wrote me a really awesome card for my birthday and I’ll have to write a thank you card back. I love writing to people. It’s seriously one of my favorite things to do.

Well…it is 5:45am and I have to wake up at 8 to shower…and I have an exam at 9. Leggo!!

tumblr is hilarious tonight. i love it. 


Available on redbubble!  here: klik!


Available on redbubble!  here: klik!

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oh, i forgot.. i got myself an early birthday present 2 weeks ago. 


sunday pass. 

i had an exam during the 3-day pass sales and then standby for single passes was a pain. i’d rather not talk about how i ended up getting a ticket because there’s some shame to my bank account… but nonetheless! 

LOLLA 14. 

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